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The Story of Big Olaf

In 1982 Big Olaf Creamery opened in the Village of Siesta Key. Since then both locals and vacationers return year after year to enjoy Florida's best homemade ice cream.

All of our ice creams and yogurts are hand mixed by local Amish craftsmen and churned in batch freezers. The combination of high quality ingredients and premium grade A milk produces the finest ice cream money can buy. Our goal at Big Olaf is to continue to produce the best of the best.

Because of our commitment to excellence Big Olaf has experienced substantial growth, going from one location in 1982 to seven currently in the Sarasota area and over 50 stores all over Florida carrying our product. Because of this high volume our creamery has moved to a larger facility in Sarasota's Amish village of Pinecraft.

Aside from ice cream, Big Olaf Siesta Key carries a large variety of options! We make our homemade waffle cones and fudge in house. We also offer soft serve, smoothies, blended coffee drinks, and hand spun milk shakes.

Ice Cream Flavors

  • chocolate*
  • coffee*
  • toasted coconut*
  • vanilla*
  • black cherry
  • blueberry cheesecake
  • rum raisin*
  • strawberry*
  • superman*
  • brownie fudge, chocolate chip*
  • chocolate deluge
  • chocolate peanut butter
  • berry blast
  • cookie dough
  • cookies and cream
  • Heath bar*
  • Kahula krunch*
  • mint chip*
  • mint Oreo
  • white chocolate raspberry
  • vanilla brownie caramel
  • rocky road*
  • butter pecan*
  • chocolate almond*
  • maple walnut*
  • sugar free black rasberry*
  • pistachio*
  • plantation praline*
  • birthday cake
  • trashcan
  • snickers*
  • royal banana crunch*
  • moose tracks
  • cotton candy
  • amaretto almond*
  • salted
  • no sugar
    added vanilla
    carmel swirl*

Also Available: Soft Serve, Italian Ice

*gluten free

Location: Siesta Key Village

5208 Ocean Blvd. Sarasota, FL 34242; (941)-349-9392

Friday & Saturday

11:00 am - 11:00 pm


11:00 am - 10:00 pm

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